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Table of Contents


Introduction  1

1.   Global Warming Has Become Politically Correct, So That Getting Objective Information Is

     Now Almost Impossible  5

          Hysteria. 5

          Religion. 5

          Accepted Orthodoxy. 6

          T he IPCC Compromised. 7

          Politically Correct Predictions. 8

          You Will Be Misled, Shamed Or Intimidated Into Converting. 10

          Religions Get Religion. 13

          Messy, Highly Variable and Complex – with Error Bars. 15

2.   The Greenhouse Effect is a Scientific Fact 16

          A Little Bit Goes A Long Way. 17

3.   Climate Has Changed Dramatically In The Past, And Will Do So In The Future, Humans Or No Humans  18

          Perspective. 18

          Extreme Changes. 18 

4.   THE Problem - The Amount Of Carbon Dioxide In The Atmosphere Is Increasing Very Rapidly,

       And Will  Continue To Increase  26

          Where Does Carbon Dioxide Come From?. 28

5.   Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are The Bases For Our Prosperity And Health  35

          An Astounding, Incredible Improvement in Human Prosperity. 35

6.   No One Knows How Bad Global Warming Will Get – Or Whether It Will Be Bad At All –

       However, There Are Potentially Catastrophic Outcomes  38

          The IPCC’s Conclusions. 38

          Computer Models. 41

          Modern Human Life Is Precarious. 46

          Catastrophic Tipping Points. 47

          Sea Level 48

          The Arctic and Antarctica. 51

          Hurricanes - Perspective and Propaganda. 54

          Severe Weather 57

          Potential Impact of Global Warming. 57

          On Beyond 2100. 59

7.   Renewable Energy Can Help, But Is Highly Unlikely To Save The Day – According To

      Accepted Orthodoxy, Time Is Short (Or We May Already Be Out Of Time) 61

          Intermittence. 62

          Cost 63

          Wind Energy. 63

          Solar Energy. 66

          Therefore, What?. 67

8.   Effectively Stopping Global Warming, According To Accepted Orthodoxy, Would

      Take The U.S. Standard Of Living Below That In The 19th Century  69

          Creating a Straw Man. 69

          A Metaphor 70

          The Good News. 73

          Coming to an Agreement 74

          The Kyoto Protocol 76

          The Paris Accord. 77

          Cap and Trade. 78

          Being Proactively Ineffective. 79

          Unilateral Action. 80

          Population. 83

9.   Technology Has Saved The Day In The Past; Can It Save Us This Time?  84

          Nuclear Fission. 84

          Geoengineering. 84

          Fusion. 86

          The Breakthrough. 86

10. Saving The World - If You Follow Accepted Orthodoxy, There Are Things That Must Be Done

     And Things You Can Do To Help – But Whatever You Do Will Not Be Enough  87

          Free Market Solutions. 88

          Recommendations. 89

          The Paradox of Energy Efficiency. 89

          The Law of Large Numbers. 90

          Individual Actions. 93

Summing Up – How Can I Think About This? - The Global Warming FAQ.. 95

A Summary of Everything You Need To Know   102

My Subjective Conclusions – I Choose a Religion  104

Update, June 2020 – An excellent summary of the state of play in climate change: 105

Appendix A – Selected Conclusions From The IPCC.. 106

Appendix B. Excerpt from Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis On

     Care for Our Common Home. 110

Appendix C. The Islamic Declaration on Climate Change. 113

About the Author 120

References – Partial List 121

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